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Susan A. Bones

Who: Hannah and Susan
When: A few days ago, at bed time
Where: Hufflepuff 7th Year Girls Dorm Room
Rating: PG
Summary: A little catching up, discussion of crushes, and some encouragement
Look For: Hannah the Match-Maker

Susan yawned widely as she stowed her book away. She was reading through Romeo and Juliet, again, the copy her aunt had given her for her 12 th birthday worn, the cover faded. She settled into her bed, pulling the blanket's up around her chin as she glanced across the way to Hannah.

She spoke softly, so as not to disturb Megan. "How much longer are you staying up, Han?"

Hannah looked up at Susan's yawn from her book. She at propped up at her favorite pillow, her blond hairs falling over her shoulders. She still hadn't finished "Shaman" but was on the last pages.
"Give me another five minutes. I am nearly through with my book." She rubbed her eyes. The candle light was really not good to read in the night.

Susan smiled, settling in further. She knew she should be quiet, but she was feeling uncharacteristically chatty. And, with the way Hannah was rubbing her eyes, even with just a few more pages, she'd probably turn in sooner than she thought.

Giving the girl the few minutes she requested, Susan flipped over in bed, laying on her side, facing her friend. "How's the book? Any good?"

Hannah smiled and shut the book. "Yeah, it was pretty good." She said and stiffled a yawn.

Then she grinned. "How many times have you reread Romeo and Juliet?" Hannah knew it was somewhat of a default book for Susan.

Susan giggled lightly as she sat up, fluffing her pillows. "Oh, geez… Maybe fifteen or sixteen times. It doesn't get old, though. It's such a sad tale about love, and longing… It just seems to put me in the right mood to fall asleep."

She flopped back down, smiling softly, maybe to Hannah, maybe to herself.

"A story in which the lovers die puts you in the right mood to sleep?" Hannah asked and pulled a face. "You have a weird sense of bedtime reading." Hannah didn't like romance much in general, but especially not right now.

She flattened her pillow and made herself comfortable as she laid down, facing Susan.

Susan laughed, shaking her head. "It's terrible that they die young… but it's wonderful that they have the strength to go against their families' wishes, all just to be together." She sighed, eyes closing for a moment. "Don't you want to be loved like that, Hannah? So totally and completely that death is preferable to being apart?"

"Bad question," Hannah deadpanned. "But yeah, well I guess. It is a pretty romantic concept. She mused.

"But what about you, Susan? Any lovers you are willing to die for?" Her voice was a bit cheeky. She was determined to let Susan -subtly, of course- know that Ernie liked her.

Susie smiled ruefully, shaking her head. "I wish," she said softly, sighing under her breath.

"Come on, that's not true!" Hannah laughed. "I know that Terry Boot fancied you quite a while."

"Not enough to make a move," Susie said, blushing slightly. "Have you and Kevin made up yet? I think the two of you are such an adorable couple."

"Nope," Hannah said. "We met in the Greenhouse a few days ago which was ... awkward."

Susie sighed, giving Hannah a sympathetic look. "Need to talk about it at all?"

Hannah sighed. "He needs to talk more. I mean how can I await an apology when I have to pull from word for word? I feel like getting a toddler to admit that it stole the candy. Kevin is not a toddler." She stopped and breathed. "Anyway, I know he is sorry which is at least a step in the right direction."

Susie nodded, her heart going out to her friend. But it wasn't as if she were in any position to give advice. "Well, I hope he starts talking soon. Maybe he's embarrassed by his behaviour?"

"I hope so." Hannah said in a rush. "It was all his fault! And I don't feel childish saying that

"Well, pointing fingers probably isn't making it any easier for him to apologize," Susie said. She shrugged. "Still, I'd rather have an erstwhile boyfriend than this nothing at all."

"I know." Hannah said sheepishly. "And I didn't do it in public or to him... but I needed to say that." She looked over to Susan. "Aww, Susie, that's not true. You have me and Megan and Justin and ...Ernie and we all love you."

Susie blushed slightly at the mention of Ernie. She hid her face for a moment in her pillow. "It's just… not the same." She looked back up when she was sure her face was normal.

"Well, leave the snogging out. Then you and Ernie have the same as me and Kevin. Seriously. Having a boyfriend is not all about the kissing and the ...other stuff. " Hannah mumbled the last bit. No way she would tell Susan now what happened in the Room of Requirement

Susie sighed. "I know there's more to it than that… But, I mean… Yeah, Ernie and I have been spending more time together, but all we do is talk about school." She sighed again, groaning and covering her face.

Hannah grinned maliciously. "So Ernie, eh?" She teased. "Did I tell you what Kevin and I did when I felt I fall in love with him?"

Susie whimpered a bit, burying her face him her pillow. "He's so sweet, Hannah. I can't help it!" She settled back down, unable to hide the little grin on her face. "What did you and Kevin do?"

"I think he likes you, too, Su. When was the last time you and I had lunch together?" Hannah said with an exaggerated pout. "I sat in the library getting some Herbology done and he needed the book, so we shared and he asked about a lily from the Pyrenees. He was so cute when he listened to me rambling." Hannah's thought drifted a bit.
Susie blushed violently, biting her lip. "Do you really think so, Hannah? You wouldn't just say that, would you? No, no… of course you wouldn't. It's silly of me to think that."

She smiled at Hannah's story, giggling a little. "That's so sweet, Han."

"I really think so. And you are really cute together" I know so Hannah thought and vowed to play match maker between her best friends. "Yes, it was. He still is cute."

Susie bit her lip, leaning towards Hannah. "How do I know if he likes me too?" she asked softly, face eager. "I think I'd die if I told him I liked him without knowing if he liked me too."

"Seriously," Hannah snorted indelicately. "He is constantly in your vicinity. He is eager to hang around you. He stutters when he talks to you. He doesn't stutter at anyone but you. Of course, he likes you. A blind can see that."

"How do I tell him I like him too?" Susie said, the color high in her face, her anxiousness written on her face. "I want him to know, of course, but I don't want to make a fool of myself."

"I thought these were your trash novels over there." Hannah chuckled. "Well..." She drew the word out. "You show him how happy you are that he is around. Smile a lot. Touch him at the hands, at the shoulder. Maintain eye contact when you talk. Hang out alone. Take him on a walk. Make sure he gets that you are extra nice to him. Boys can be a bit oblivous when it comes to that. - If you dare, you can give him a peek on the cheek when he is doing something for you."

"Those are books," Susie said dismissively. "This is real life." She groaned. "Will all that work? Really?"

"Every story contains a grain of truth, my dear" Hannah smiled and waggled a finger. "Usually, it works. Though I didn't have to force Kevin to kiss me."

Susie sighed, flipping onto her stomach. "I'll probably need a ladder to kiss Ernie," she said, chuckling a little. Then she groaned, yet again, and covered her face with her hands. "This is ridiculous, Han, it really is. I've known Ernie for seven years… Why do I suddenly decide to fancy him now?"

Hannah laughed. "Have you seen me and Kevin ever kissing? The most comfortable version is either lying or me sitting in his lap. Uhm." She stopped. "I can't tell you. Ernie is sweet and nice and funny and he finally reached what I call a state of comfortness with himself. He got confident and that is sexy as hell."

Susie laughed, gasping at Hannah. "Hannah Abbott! Lying down?"

"Uhm... yes, on the sofa?" Hannah played on innocent.

"In who's common room?" Susie asked with a giggle.

"In who's common room?" Susie asked with a giggle.

What?" Hannah was speechless. "Neither, in the Universal Common Room. And I wonder how that is connected to you and Ernie."

"Hey, you are the one telling me about kissing while lying down, young lady," Susie chided playfully. She giggled again, trying very hard not to imagine what it would be like to kiss Ernie.

"Wait until you got Ernie to kiss you. Then you won't be giggling anymore." Hannah threatened with a semi-serious voice.

That sobered Susie up. She stopped giggling, her eyes going wide at the thoughts she'd been trying to stave off, now unsuccessfully. "Has he ever… you know… had a girlfriend?"

"Who? Kevin?" Hannah asked. "Or Ernie?"


Hannah needed to remember. "I don't think so. He was going with this gorgeous Ravenclaw when we were in fifth year but she was two years younger, so there was probably nothing more than holding hands and a french kiss, maybe."

Susie's face fell. "A gorgeous Ravenclaw? No way I can compete with that… even if it is an ex."

"Don't be ridiculous." Hannah said cuttingly. "You are absolutely adorable. And once she hit puberty, she was not so gorgeous anymore."

"Really?" Susie asked, looking hopeful. "She’s not cute anymore?"

"Sue, she is fifteen now, she is in the middle of puberty and has a really bad acne." Hannah looked pointedly at her rather ample bosom. "And she has basically no breasts to speak of."

Susie giggled, settling into bed with a yawn. Hannah always knew how to make her feel better. "Good," she said, sounding pleased. Susie picked her wand off her bedside table and flicked it toward the lamp nearest her. "Cor, I'm tired now. G'nite, Han."

"Good Night," Hannah said softly. "And sweet dreams of Ernie." She added in a giggle.

Susan laughed as she yawned, closing her eyes. "Evil, Hannah… you are evil."

Hannah giggled. "Just a pushy best friend, just a best friend."
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