Hannah Abbott (hannahs_charm) wrote in hogwartsishstry,
Hannah Abbott

Who: Ernie and Hannah
When: One evening
Where: Hufflepuff Common Room
Rating: PG13 (to be safe)
Summary: Two friends catch up and talk

It was one of the rare evenings Hannah was free of all obligations. All her homework was done (safe an essay but it was only due the coming Friday), she has no rounds and all the work in the Greenhouses was done. She sighed and snuggled in her blanket at the fire. It may be a warm spring but the evenings still grew chilly and the stone walls of the Hufflepuff House did the rest.

She felt exhausted. Suppressing any feelings about Kevin at all, she had jumped into homework and greenhouse duty gratefully and then she had met him alone in a green house. It had been awkward and embarrassing and after Hannah had left she had first and foremost cried.

And now, she sat there, her eyes and cheeks still puffy from crying yet again but feeling emotionally cleansed, and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the late evening.

Ernie had finished up the last of his homework, and after a quick tour of the Astronomy Tour to make sure no wayward couples were up there hiding, he wondered back into the commons. He was about to head into the dormitory for a bit of rest when he spotted a familiar head of blond hair and made his way over, sitting down without an invitation, smiling warmly.

"Hannah banana! What are you doing?"

Hannah was startled when Ernie just plodded down but she quickly smiled.
"Nothing, Ernie Bernie." She said. "I just have nothing to do and am finally able to enjoy some peace and quiet... until you came along."

"Heeey...it's still peaceful," Ernie said with a nod, nudging her playfully with his shoulder. "What's wrong, love? You seem a bit down. Want to talk about it with old Ern, yeah?"

Hannah snuggled into Ernie's arm, making sure the blanket still covered her from neck to toe. "It is complicated. He was jealous of Wayne and he had no reason to. The apology must come from him. And I think he knows it, too. I mean I encouraged him when we pruned the plants but I can't make it undone and I am not willing to. It was his fault, so he needs to make the first step apologize."

"Want me to talk to him?" Ernie asked, genuinely concerned for his friend, just wanting her to be as happy as possible. He didn't like her being upset over a boy. "I mean, it might not make a difference, but I can try, yeah?"

"No." Hannah said determined. "No, this is not some sort of stupid misunderstanding which can be sorted out be talking.Kevin accused me of being unfaithful without any evidence or even logical reason." She was on verge of being angry again. "His best friend is a girl and he gets jealous when he sees me with Wayne in the library. This is not something you can talk out."

Ernie gave her a look but nodded his head anyway. "Yes, but I know you pretty well, don't I? I'm pretty sure I could convince the prat that you would never be unfaithful and that he's being a stupid spineless git for no reason. But if you'd rather let it work out some other way, that's your choice, Hannah."

Hannah took a deep breath to calm down. "I really appreciate that you want to help but I want Kevin to see sense without any of my friends talking sense into him. He needs to find out himself how he deals with this. The only thing I or you can do is telling him that I am not unfaithful. He has the facts already, now he needs to figure it out himself." "And he is not a brat." She added.

"I didn't say he was a brat, I said he was a prat," Ernie mumbled under his breath, shrugging his shoulders. "Alright, well, if that's what you want. I reckon I got enough problems of my own going on right now with girls anyway."

Hannah was glad they had changed the topic. She knew she had a unconventional way of dealing with the row of her and Kevin but she didn't want to create any drama and side taking with this. So she perked up. "Problem with the ladies? You?" She asked astonished.

Ernie nodded and blushed a little. "Yeah...is it that hard to believe?"

Hannah smiled uneasily. "Well, you never had a girlfriend or even a serious crush before. So, yes, it is a bit hard to believe."

"Well, I do now. Have a crush, I mean," Ernie said, picking at the hem of his shirt, pulling at a loose thread. "It won't work out though. She's way too good for me."

"Ohhh, ickle Ernie is growing up." Hannah teased. "Who is she? Our house?" She asked curious.

Ernie blushed even more and mumbled her name, hiding his face in his hands.

Hannah grabbed his hand and pulled them down. "I am sorry I didn't catch that." She said slightly amused with a teasing voice.

"Susan Bones," Ernie whispered, biting his lip and turning an even deeper shade of red.

"Our Susie?" Hannah asked. "Oh Ernie, this is wonderful, she is such a lovely person." Not to mention my best friend, Hannah thought.

Ernie blushed even more at that and shook his head. "She's really sweet and pretty and super smart."

"She is," Hannah said, "And what is the problem with you fancying her?"

"I'm just...Ernie. Dorky, unattractive Ernie," he said with a shrug, tugging at his curly hair. "You know."

"You are unattractive." Hannah said indignantly. "You are cute with your dark eyes and curly hair. You like to love and are fun." Hannah said and then mumbled. "I had a crush on you through third and forth year." Yeah, talk about old crushes now, Hannah thought with a mental eye roll.

Ernie blushed even more and gave her a small look. "You had a crush on me? Why didn't you ever say anything?"

"I hung around you all the time! I teamed up with you on any occasion! You were just thick!" Hannah laughed.

"Alright, so I'm not very inept," Ernie said with a sigh. "What do you reckon I should do about Sus?"

"Well, do what I did," Hannah laughed. "Approach her often, be nice and a gentleman, make casual body contact. Look in her eyes when you are talking, be interested in what she does and says. That kind of thing." She shrugged. "Be yourself. Just like now."

Ernie nodded a little, giving his friend a little smile. "Thanks, Han, for listening. I hope things work out with you and Kevin. Just don't let him keep getting you down."

"You're welcome," Hannah said gratefully. "Kevin will see sense. If he doesn't I will beat it in."

"I'm going to go take a bath," Ernie said with a nod, getting to his feet. "If you ever need to talk, I'm always around Hannah banana, and I'll always make time for you."

Hannah smiled sweetly and suppressed a yawn. "Likewise." She said. "You do that. Don't forget to lock the door or fangirls will beat a path to the door." She sat up and stretched causing the blanket to reveal a pink flannel pajama top.

Ernie nodded and gave her another little smile. "Will do," he said, waving her off as he headed out to the prefects bathroom to mull over the situation with Susan.

Hannah grinned. So Ernie fancied Susan. That was interesting. Collecting her blanket, she made sure the fire was doused before she left the Common Room in favor of her four poster.
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