Professor Nathaniel Archer (dada_taskmaster) wrote in hogwartsishstry,
Professor Nathaniel Archer

Who: Nathaniel, Kite, Ginny, and anyone else who might have been crazy enough to show up for extra training
When: Saturday morning, around 8am
Where: Outside, but on school grounds

Nathaniel took a few minutes to string up a full-sized punching bag onto the sturdiest tree he could find on the grounds that didn't actually go into the forbidden forest. This tree had proven itself reliable in the past and he took care to make sure it wasn't unduly damaged by his training. He'd also brought some boards to break. While he was going to make sure that Kite, Ginny, and anyone who might possibly show up kept up with him (as he wasn't going to slow down for anyone when he specified it was advanced training), he was also going to use this morning as a chance to assess where they were at.

There were ten minutes left before training would officially start. Nathaniel began doing a few basic stretches - the more advanced stretches would be reserved for after running. He still had his doubts about whether or not anyone would seriously show up, but both Kite and Ginny's enthusiasm had seemed genuine enough, and Nathaniel could appreciate people who were willing to work hard and put in their best effort.
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