Draco Malfoy (lostinthegray) wrote in hogwartsishstry,
Draco Malfoy

It's Time We Spoke...

Who: Draco and Theo (Only appropriate characters, i.e. 7th Year Slytherin Boys, could join)
When: Bedtime
Where: Slytherin 7th Year Boys' Dormitory
Warnings/Rating: None, PG-13

Draco'd been wanting to get Theo alone and have a chat with him for a little while now, but it always seemed like every time he remembered it, the opportunity didn't present itself, and every time the opportunity presented itself, he didn't remember it. With Daphne in the hospital wing, and Theo's very obvious rush to get her presents and visit her, he felt it was more important than ever that they talk about... well, about THINGS. Lots of things, things that were private but very important to both their futures. Things he didn't especially want the other boys listening in on.

Since he wasn't gay, he didn't particularly think about HOW it would look that he was going to put silencing and imperturbable charms on his bed curtains and invite Theo to come sit and chat with him. It was expedient, so he did it, and waited for his roommate to come to bed. He got some additional studying in, in the meantime - he knew Theo liked to stay up late and read, but if he took TOO long, dammit, Draco was going down there to get him.

In the meantime, while he waited, he was content to sprawl on his bed, half-dressed, curtains open, and read his book.
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