Susan A. Bones (notsolazybones) wrote in hogwartsishstry,
Susan A. Bones

Who: Susan and Open
When: Sunday afternoon
Where: Hufflepuff Common Room
Summary: Susan, reading alone and bored of it. Interrupt her!

Susie sighed as she read the same page over for the third time. Here it was, a perfectly glorious Sunday afternoon and she was inside. Reading. And not understanding a single damned word on the page.

She shook her head, mentally berating herself for being such a dunce. It was just a boy, she kept repeating. So what if he hadn't talked to her in days? So what? She was perfectly fine before she met him, and she'd be perfectly fine now..

She was a Bones. She'd survived most of her family being slaughtered at the hands of Death Eaters. She could survive a boy.

She sighed again and closed the book, knowing that she wouldn't be able to absorb anything. Not until she'd convinced herself that everything was just fine the way it was.
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