Daphne Greengrass (shyestslytherin) wrote in hogwartsishstry,
Daphne Greengrass

Who: Daphne, and whoever decides to show up to visit
When: Late afternoon, after classes
Where: In the infirmary
Why: Because Daphne is rather amusing when she's high on painkilling potions
Rating: PG, due to a character being high, but legally so because it's for medicinal reasons

Sometimes, Daphne really regretted taking Care of Magical Creatures at NEWT level. Like Herbology, it was one of the classes she'd always done well in, but Professor Hagrid made this class one of her least favorites to attend. Largely because he did not seem to understand that most people didn't have his immensely high threshold for pain, nor his love for creatures that were dangerous and perfectly capable of surviving all on their own, without any care from witches and wizards.

Today's class focused on the club-tailed braxat. As large as an elephant, and as foul-tempered as a rabid wolverine that's just been poked with sticks, the club-tailed braxat was par for the course as far as Professor Rubeus Hagrid's choices in subject matter went. The creature had acid spit, poisonous claws, and you could tell the males from the females due to their pronounced three-pronged horns along the forehead and nose. The females had a single horn on the nose. Both genders had long, sharp teeth, and jaws the size of some of the smaller first years at Hogwarts.

Daphne had the dubious honor of being assigned the club-tailed braxat that Hagrid had named Melvin, and had cheerfully warned her that he was "a mite difficult, likes ter test his boundaries, yeh know". Turning her back on her very dear new friend Melvin for exactly two seconds to grab some meat to feed him had earned her one solid THUMP across the back of her head from his tail. The only plus side to this was the fact that it knocked her out cold and prevented her from feeling the hits she received to her back and to one of her legs.


One day later

Daphne woke up in the infirmary, green eyes out of focus, and feeling extremely sore. Madam Pomfrey was nearby when the small blonde mumbled something incoherent, and began promptly examining her apprentice. Shortly afterwards, Madam Pomfrey helped her get a potion down her throat.

"This should help you feel much better, dear," said the nurse kindly.

Daphne nodded weakly at her, though about twenty minutes later, her body started to tingle pleasantly, and the pain was completely gone.

((OOC: ^_^ Daphne has missed any classes she might have had after Care of Magical Creatures, and any classes on this day, so classmates who are more acquaintances than friends can come by to visit to bring her notes to borrow. Presumably, friends will visit just because.))
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