Ginny Weasley (jst_a_girl) wrote in hogwartsishstry,
Ginny Weasley

Who: Ginny and Kite
When: Saturday, late afternoon-ish
Where: The library,and the Room of Requirement
Rating: R for language and a wee bit of violence
Summary: Ginny and Kite geek out over the prospect of additional training.

Ginny was enjoying her afternoon, for once, even if she was working on homework. It was Charms, for one, and that was a piece of cake for her. Some swishing, flicking, pointing. Essays about effects of altering pronunciations and the effect it had on your spells. Things of that nature. Piece of cake.

Every so often, though, she'd space out, recalling the evening she'd spent with Harry. It had been... nice. No pressure, unhurried. Friendly. In a way, she was disappointed that the conversation lacked the electricity that they'd had last year. Merlin knew she felt it still but Harry... Who knew what he felt. Ginny was curious about that, but not enough to confront him on it. He knew where she was, how to reach her. He'd known all year, in fact. If he wanted to talk to her about it, or anything, he could come to her.

She doubted he would. As much as it hurt, as angry as it made her, Ginny knew 'they' were dead.

Sighing, she crouched down over her parchment, resting her chin on a balled up fist, tapping her temple with a well-worn quill. her homework wasn't going to do itself.
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