Harry Potter (markedbyfate) wrote in hogwartsishstry,
Harry Potter

Who: Harry and OPEN
Where: By the lake
When: Evening, during dinner.

Things had been ridiculously hectic lately, and Harry had been trying to take just a few moments to duck away from it all for days now. Finally able to escape just to take a breather and a few moments to himself, he slumped down against the tree nearest to the lake's edge, and closed his eyes, allowing his head to thump against the bark. He soon opened them again, when he saw a pair of golden eyes staring back down at him, he jumped a little in shock, and the eyes disappeared within a second.

Smashing...now I'm going mad...

He leaned back against the tree again, just relaxing and trying to let the stress of the past few days roll off his shoulders. Completely content to be alone for the moment, he didn't want anyone to ruin his silence.
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