Daphne Greengrass (shyestslytherin) wrote in hogwartsishstry,
Daphne Greengrass

Who: Daphne and Pansy
Where: Slytherin Girls' dorms
When: Night time, same day as the evening discussion in the Room of Requirement

Tracey and Millicent were already fast asleep, and Pansy had contented herself with flipping through the wedding extravaganza issue of Witches Weekly. Daphne was fairly sure that Draco hadn't officially presented her with the ring, yet. For one, she would have heard about it the instant that she walked into the girls' dorms. For another, Draco likely would have mentioned it to her and Theo in the Room of Requirement earlier. Nonetheless, Pansy did know about the engagement, so everything else was simply a romantic gesture.

Without even noticing that she was doing it, she took her brush from her night table and began brushing her hair for the third time since she'd arrived in the girls' dorms for the night. People who knew Daphne best knew that it was a habit that cropped up when something was bothering her and she felt the need to fidget in a socially acceptable way.

Daphne had patience, but she also had a lot on her mind at the moment. She knew better than to compose a letter to her parents like this. A Howler wasn't very subtle, and she did want to let them know she was annoyed about the lack of information...but not rudely, really.

She put the brush back in its place, but five minutes later, the urge to brush her hair returned. Pansy seemed engrossed in the magazine and she really didn't want to bother her, but Daphne couldn't sleep at all. Finally, she broke down and spoke quietly so that she wouldn't wake Tracey or Millicent.

"Pans? I can't sleep at all."

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