kitewraith (kitewraith) wrote in hogwartsishstry,

When Unfettered Minds Come Together, the Stars Look Down and Tremble...

Who: Mandy and Kite (closed)
When: Free period before lunch
Where: The courtyard
Rating/Warnings: R, because Kite has a tendency to curse / Language

Carefully picked notes of a mournful tune fluttered beneath the murmur of students' movements and conversations like an undercurrent. It was ponderous and slow, left and right hands working in tandem over the strings of the guitar. Anyone familiar with muggle music, who had a liking for metal, would recognize the song fairly quickly - Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters", all the more poignant because there were no other instruments to swell the sound into fullness.

Kite wasn't playing it because he was sad. He was playing it because he was calm, and because he liked picking out individual notes and letting them fly free into the air to fade away even as others came after them. He'd shed his robes and rolled up his shirtsleeves. His yellow and black tie hung loose from his collar and the first button was undone. Without his robes, the safety-pin secured tears in the knees of his uniform pants became obvious, a subtle violation of uniform policies that teachers couldn't notice because they were hidden.

He was waiting for Mandy, but waiting only in the sense that staying in one's place was waiting, not in the sense of holding his breath. Serenity was a rare thing, and had to be allowed to soak into the bones when it occurred so it could be tucked away, safe, for a time when it would be needed.

He stared absently at nothing, at a leaf blowing across the stones of the courtyard, as he played almost too quietly to be heard. He heard everyone else, their shuffling footsteps and whispered conversations, but at the moment, he was a stone and they were the river just passing him by.

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