Draco Malfoy (lostinthegray) wrote in hogwartsishstry,
Draco Malfoy

An Uncomfortable Revelation

Who: Draco, Daphne, and Theo (closed)
Where: The Room of Requirement
When: After dinner, before curfew
Rating/Warnings: PG, and none

Draco had sent the owls the day before asking Daphne to meet him in the Room of Requirement at this time tonight. He'd also sent one to Theo, because Theo was his oldest friend (sometimes they even liked each other) and Draco felt he deserved to know about this if he didn't already, and answer for it if he did. He paced back and forth in front of the wall where the room was hidden, thinking to himself, I need a comfortable and private place for three people to have an important discussion. With refreshments, he added when he realized he rather wanted an after-dinner cup of cocoa. After the third pass, the door appeared to him, and he opened it and entered, leaving the doors flung wide for his guests when they arrived.

The room, as always, delivered brilliantly. The space inside was small, but comfortable, with thick carpet and heavy draperies over illusory windows. Squashy armchairs flanked three sides of a relatively high coffee table and a fire blazed in the large stone hearth on the fourth side of the table. A silver service sat on the table, cups lidded. Draco suspected they would manifest whatever drink the holder desired.

He entered and took the chair in the center, facing the fireplace, and settled down to wait. The liquid in his cup turned out to be hot chocolate after all, topped with cream and sprinkled cocoa powder the way he preferred it, and he drank it while waiting for Daphne and Theo to arrive.
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