Professor Nathaniel Archer (dada_taskmaster) wrote in hogwartsishstry,
Professor Nathaniel Archer

Who: Everyone who is taking DADA in 7th year (open to everyone in his class)
When: At the beginning of DADA class
Where: DADA classroom
Rating: PG or so for possible language
Summary: Yet another DADA lesson...

Nathaniel sat at his desk, fingers tapping lightly on the solid wood as he waited for his 7th year students to pour into the classroom. Perhaps not necessarily eagerly, but they would be there, or he'd be making inquiries to Pomfrey. He knew a forged note when he saw one, and though he could certainly understand why some students might want to skip his class, Nathaniel Archer was not going to tolerate that sort of thing.

Today's lesson was going to start in the classroom. As always, there would be a physical component later, but he had a lecture to give today, and if it went well, a short in class discussion. This wouldn't be a popular lecture. But it would strongly affect a number of the students in the class. In this way, he was testing out the idea on the young adult witches and wizards before taking it to a class of sixth years, fifth years, and younger. At the very least, the Headmistress couldn't scold him about discussing this with a group of students who were of age.

Several students arrived and took their seats a minute before class was due to start. There were still a few stragglers, and once they arrived, the lecture would begin. Anyone who was particularly tardy for class without a very good excuse (ie. one that wasn't complete and utter rubbish) would be stuck doing pushups before they left today. The lecture was important and he wanted his students to all be here for it.
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